May 25, 2024

Simple Wedding Decoration Ideas

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Many people wonder how to come up with very simple wedding decoration ideas that still create a wonderful atmosphere for their wedding. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to wedding decorations. You can be as creative and artistic as you like but remember it’s your big day and you want it to turn out perfect. Here are some easy and simple decoration ideas that can be done even by amateurs.

One great way of decorating tables for a wedding is to add little plants. Of course, the flowers should be your priority but don’t forget to arrange them in a pretty manner. The best thing about small plants is that they won’t take up much space. You can place them almost anywhere on your table and you don’t have to use a lot of flowers. Just arrange a few on each side of the table and you will have your very own spring garden.

If you are having bridesmaids’ tables, don’t forget to add candle holders there. This will add more charm to the table and give a warm ambiance to the entire wedding. If you are having a beach wedding, try adding sea shells around the table. This will definitely make the guests feel relaxed and comfortable.

Now, if you are having cocktail receptions at your wedding venue, it is important to bring along some flowers for decoration. You can have artificial or live flowers and arrange them in small baskets on the table. Try having different shades of flowers on each table and make sure that the ones on the left and right are placed in opposite corners. You can also add some potted herbs on each table. These herbs will not only look beautiful but they will also smell fresh and sweet.

Another great idea for wedding decoration at a garden venue is to use garden accessories and make them more interesting by adding a beautiful touch. For example, you can use hanging lanterns to light up the garden during the nights. You can also try putting up colored flowers and ornaments and other decorative plants. These decorations will surely add a touch of natural look to your wedding venue.

If you have a big garden venue, you can hire some wedding coordinators to help you decorate your garden. They will surely know some great wedding decoration ideas that will perfectly suit your garden setting. Apart from garden decorations, it is important to give importance to wedding favors. These favors can greatly enhance wedding decorations and will certainly leave a good impression on all your guests. Just always keep in mind to choose wedding favors that are thoughtful and unique.

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