May 26, 2022

Paint Techniques That Add Life To Your Home

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Creative Paint Techniques To Liven Your Home

Minor improvements to a home can drastically increase its value. And just about the most cost-effective and fun way to go about doing this yourself, is a colour makeover. A fresh coat of paint can give a home a much-needed facelift in absolutely no time at all.

What’s more, a fresh paint job needn’t be ordinary or monotonous. An endless list of creative painting techniques can be applied to the walls inside your home. No matter what your personal preference or aesthetic inclinations, there’s bound to be a style or approach just waiting to knock the creative socks right off of you.

Metallics For The Bold

Nothing says, “stop the show!” quite like metallic paint. Better yet, there are a thousand and one ways to apply a metallic facelift to a wall. Options include creating an accent wall (a wall painted a different colour compared to the rest of a room), fun patterns, or even recreating an artistic or fun and contemporary image. You could even consider adding a shimmering metallic coat over a wall’s existing colour, thereby boosting the impact of the original colour.

Stripes Are Timeless

Stripes aren’t likely to ever go out of style and are great for adding visual appeal to any old wall. Interesting about stripes is that they can create all sorts of effects – including changes to the perceived size of a room.

Important to remember is that with stripes, prep work becomes key. Any stripe not completely straight will be impossible a mistake to miss and will necessarily have to be done over. Also keep in in mind the following pointers:

  • Red is a great colour when striping a dining room as red stimulates the appetite.
  • Fancy a bit of drama? Then be sure to play around with contrasting colours.
  • Yellow and different shades of orange are colours that create a warming effect. These colours are therefore great options for a foyer or passageway-entrance.

Sponging – Great For Beginners

Sponging is exactly what the word suggests: using a spongy roller or even an actual sponge to add texture to a wall. Awesome too is that sponging is probably the easiest painting technique out there, making it perfect for those still looking to find their “painting feet”.

When sponging, remember to begin in an inconspicuous spot. This will keep your sponge-work from ending up looking like a fail cover-up.

Checkerboards For The Lively

Decorating a wall by painting a checkerboard pattern is just about the best way to add life to a dreary or run-down space. Also, checkerboarding is a great technique when wanting to remove the need for additional décor.

What’s more, there’s a checkerboard wall for every taste, just like there’s a game for everyone who wants to join us today. Bright colours go great simple mono-toned furniture, whereas the opposite is true also. Checkers can even be painted using different colours or different shades of the same colour. Doing this with neutral colours is super-effective for creating texture.

Just like with painting stripes, painting a checkerboard wall requires prep so as to ensure that lines come out straight.

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