May 25, 2024

7 Unique Home Decor Trends for Your Home in 2023

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Homeowners are taking a new approach to traditional decorating. Designer Mimi Meacham calls this style “fresh traditional.”

From revamping your tile layout to adding a wood accent wall, here are the top home decor trends that will transform your living space this year.

Light gray is on its way out and earthy palettes are a big trend this year. You’ll also find more curved furniture and accessories.

1. Bold Colors

Bold colors pack a punch and can make a room look bright and cheerful. Try this home decor trend by adding a pop of color in the powder bath or with a fun piece of accent furniture. If you want to test the waters without going all in, consider painting a smaller area like an entryway or a hallway.

Earthy hues are having a moment, and they pair beautifully with 2023’s emphasis on self-expression. Incorporate natural elements into your abode by adding natural wood cabinets to your kitchen or by upgrading your countertops from tile to natural stacked stone.

This is also a great time to experiment with one-of-a-kind paint shades. Deep reds work well in a variety of rooms, and they can complement neutrals or add an air of drama.

2. Personality

One of the more underrated trends that’s set to dominate home decor in 2023 is personality. Whether it’s through choosing a paint color reminiscent of the outdoors or incorporating rustic accent pieces, homeowners are choosing pieces that evoke their personal style.

Similarly, earth-toned colors are en vogue as people infuse their homes with nature. From burnt deep reds to inviting bark browns, and earthy shades of mushroom grey and sandy beiges, choosing a neutral shade like these evokes feelings of comfort and calmness.

Grasscloth and rattan furniture are easy ways to tap into this trend, but you can also add natural elements with ease by introducing houseplants and branches or even flowers preserved in glass. This way, you can incorporate the beauty of nature into your home without compromising on your sense of style.

3. Comfort

With a focus on luxe living, comfort is one of the most important home decor trends 2023 has to offer. This includes soft lounge chairs, oversized sofas and more.

If you’re looking to add a cozy vibe, try incorporating nature-inspired paint colors into your space. From bark browns to sand and muted earthy hues, nature-inspired color choices are sure to make your house feel cozy and inviting.

Similarly, natural wood finishes are also having a moment in furniture. Look for curved furniture silhouettes like slope-arm chairs and rounded sofas, as well as textures that incorporate unexpected tones and patterns.

4. Layers

As we continue to move away from the austerity of minimalism, it’s time to embrace a more decorative style. Ornate details are on the rise and we’re seeing a return of styles like Art Deco.

Homemakers are also seeking more rustic elements that bring a sense of warmth and evoke nature. This is particularly clear in kitchens, where natural stacked stone backsplashes and countertops are showing up.

Additionally, rugs that double as functional artwork are a popular choice for 2023. Pair a neutral backdrop with an eccentric carpet that features patterns and colors. You can even play with angles by positioning two rugs differently in a room. This trend reflects a desire to decorate with personal touches that add character and personality to the home.

5. Old School

In 2023, traditional decorating styles are experiencing a revival. According to designers, this trend is a reflection of people wanting to bring back classic designs and materials from the past.

From grasscloth and rattan furniture to gorgeous stained wood over painted versions, earthy colors are also making a strong presence in homes this year. Cannon says that this style reflects the desire to make our abodes more natural and sustainable, while embracing traditionalism and timeless design principles.

Taking cues from the Coastal Grandmother and Cottagecore trends that soared on TikTok, designers are incorporating traditional decor into their spaces. This includes skirted sinks, pleated lampshades, and bucolic artwork, which are great for bringing a homey feel to spaces like laundry rooms or mudrooms. This trend also sees a return to more decorative details, such as detailed floral fabrics or ornate trims.

6. Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly home decor trends focus on bringing natural elements and earthy tones into the home. From inviting bark browns and muddy greens to sandy beige and mushroom grey paint colours, nature-inspired hues add a touch of warmth and calm.

Artisanal pieces, like pottery and woven textiles, are also gaining in popularity as they lend a personal touch to your home. This trend pairs well with modern maximalism, a style that embraces self-expression through layered vignettes and one-of-a-kind decor.

Biophilic design, which emphasizes the connection between humans and nature, continues to be popular as it offers a more decorative alternative to minimalism. Look for large windows, indoor plants and textured wallpapers that bring a sense of nature into the home. In addition, curved furniture and rugs are an ideal way to add texture to your space.

7. Vintage

Whether you’re a fan of vintage or simply want to give it a nod, this style incorporates antiques and vintage elements into bright contemporary spaces. Think ruffled drapes, pleated throws and floral wallpaper. It’s the perfect blend of tradition and modernity that’s a far cry from grand millennial — or cottagecore, as it’s been coined on TikTok.

Its popularity could be attributed to a shift in maximalism, with homeowners leaning towards more traditional and nostalgic elements that add character and warmth to their homes. Paint colors that capture the outdoors, such as earthy browns and terra-cotta hues, also tie into this trend. Adding touches from nature like houseplants, branches and grasses or earth-toned fabrics such as woven straws and natural woods infuses your space with organic style.

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