May 25, 2024

A Visual Guide to Enhancing Student Registration With WebLOAD and Ellucian Banner

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Using the right tool can help universities better handle peak user load during course registration. Radview’s WebLOAD software offers the script, tools, and capabilities that can simulate realistic registration traffic and identify system errors.

Students can add course sections to their cart based on a saved course plan in Student Planning or preferred section in WebAdvisor for any term that is open for registration. Students can also search course sections that are not in their cart.


During peak registration periods, universities experience a significant increase in traffic. This can result in website slowdowns and disruptions for students. Using a comprehensive load testing tool, such as WebLOAD, can help universities prepare their systems for high user demands. This software program provides numerous benefits to universities, including scalability, real-time analytics, and hybrid development. It also helps to identify and address performance bottlenecks before a student’s registration period begins.

Providing a centralized student technology experience is a priority for many institutions, but the sheer number of tools and platforms they use leads to disconnected systems and information silos. Pathify Portal solves this problem by connecting the technology and solutions already in place at an institution into a single, unified experience.

A key step in preparing for student registration is using a robust load test to ensure that an institution’s portal will be able to handle the increased traffic. WebLOAD is one of the leading load testing tools, and can simulate the behavior of thousands of students simultaneously logging in, searching courses, and uploading requirements.

With a robust response strategy, university student registration can go smoothly. SNtial has provided ETL, integration, data modeling and automation skills for a variety of projects, from SIS migrations to Ellucian Advance Web implementations. They have also designed and developed a goalsetting application, which enables students to track their athletic goals.

Ellucian Banner

The Ellucian Banner software suite offers a complete suite of student services and financial management systems. The system can help colleges streamline various processes for students and staff, including admissions, financial aid, student accounts, and housing. It can also be integrated with other systems through application programming interface (API) technology.

During peak registration periods, the software can be overwhelmed by heavy user load. To avoid this, a college should invest in an enterprise-grade load testing tool like Radview Software’s WebLOAD. This software allows colleges to simulate real user behavior and identify performance issues before they occur. This can save time and money while increasing student satisfaction.

In addition to offering a secure and convenient way to manage student accounts, Banner is a fully-integrated software platform that includes modules for student service, human resources, accounting, and analytics. It can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud, and can be accessed via desktop computers, tablets, or smartphones. It can also be used by students to access their course schedules and financial information.

The Banner Student Self-Service mobile app enables students to pre-plan their registration and obtain the necessary approvals before the registration window opens. It also allows them to search for courses that are open for registration and add them to their cart. The app supports CAS and SAML 2.0 single sign-on (SSO) for navigating between applications.


With countless students expecting an easy and reliable student registration process, higher education institutions need to optimize their systems. A key to doing this is by using a load testing solution that simulates peak user traffic and identifies potential bottlenecks. One such tool is WebLOAD, which can be used by universities to test their Ellucian Banner ERP system. This software helps colleges and universities streamline their registration processes, while integrating with other university systems for seamless data flow.

The software has a wide range of features, including forms management, recruitment management, candidate management, curriculum management, admissions management, financial aid management, and more. It also provides analytics and reporting capabilities that help universities make better decisions for their institution. It is available on a SaaS model, and it can be easily customized to meet the needs of each individual institution.

When used properly, WebLOAD can provide valuable insights to colleges and universities regarding their course enrollments. It can help them determine the best course offerings, monitor student trends, and identify areas for improvement. It can also be integrated with other applications and tools, such as analytics, ERP, and SIS. This makes it easy for colleges to analyze their systems and make informed decisions about how they can improve them. In addition, WebLOAD can be paired with various APM (application performance monitoring) tools, like Dynatrace, AppDynamics, and NewRelic, to pinpoint the cause of any problems.


Online registration software provides a number of benefits that can make the student experience much better for parents and students. For example, it allows students to sign up and pay for their classes through the internet, which can save time and money on paperwork. It also offers an easy-to-use interface that can help track the status of an application, including how many steps it has left to go before being pushed to the next stage. Additionally, it can help identify which payment types work best for different users and provide more insight into the overall effectiveness of your registration process.

Radview WebLOAD is a performance testing tool that can simulate heavy user traffic and ensure that your university portal can handle the load. This can be especially important during the peak registration period, when thousands of students and faculty will be using your system simultaneously. This will ensure that your university’s website can handle these spikes in traffic and provide a seamless experience for all users.

RadView WebLOAD features an automatic load testing system that can record complex use cases with ease and generate a large number of virtual users. It also includes a comprehensive reporting system that makes it easier to diagnose performance problems and fix them quickly. It also allows engineering teams to analyze the results of the test without having to write code, making it much easier for them to find bottlenecks in their system.

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