May 25, 2024

Top Ten Essential Gear For Motorcycle Riders

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The best gear can keep you safe in a wide range of conditions. It can also prevent distractions (like sunburn and deafening wind noise) and help you ride more comfortably.

The top priority for any rider should be a helmet. Next comes boots and gloves. Then a jacket and pants. Lastly, a sturdy bike phone mount to keep your ride focused on the road ahead.

1. Helmet

Your helmet is the single most important piece of gear for any rider. It protects your head in a crash and helps prevent serious injuries. It also protects your eyes from bugs, sun, rain, wind, and anything else that might hit them while riding.

A good helmet will be designed with technical expertise and a full understanding of what happens to your head in a crash. It should fit you well and be comfortable to wear for long rides.

2. Boots

Besides the obvious safety benefits, good motorcycle boots help to make riding comfortable and enjoyable. Good quality ones are lightweight, water proof and offer stiffness for protection, yet flexibility for comfort on and off the bike. Look for shin and ankle bone protection, as well as a positive closure system to prevent the boot from flying off in an accident.

The feet are among the most commonly injured parts of the body in a crash. Proper boots not only support the rider’s weight on the footpegs, but also protect them from rocks and other road debris.

3. Gloves

Gloves protect your hands from the road surface and improve your grip on the handlebars. They also prevent the numbness that many riders experience after riding for long. Numbness is not only uncomfortable but it’s dangerous as you must be able to feel your hands in order to operate your bike properly.

Check for a D3O impact protection rating and other safety features when selecting your gloves. Raida offers a wide variety of riding gloves that are both stylish and functional. Shop here!.

4. Pants

One of the most under-appreciated pieces of motorcycle gear, pants or riding jeans can save your knees, hips and thighs from serious injury in a crash. They’re also a good defense against the many airborne debris particles you’re exposed to while riding, such as bugs and stones kicked up by passing cars.

Casual riders might opt for denim style pants that look like regular jeans, with abrasion resistant materials woven into the fabric, and ‘fit-and-forget’ impact protection (such as D3O’s LP range). Other features to consider include waterproofing, breathable summer styles, or winter insulated options.

5. Leathers

Riding without protective clothing can lead to severe injuries in the event of a crash. Clothing made of leather is very thick and offers padding in critical areas to reduce injury.

Leather is also abrasion-, wind- and temperature-resistant. Its tensile strength is comparable to steel, and it has natural insulating properties.

In addition to its protective qualities, leather is a classic look that makes motorcyclists feel badass. It’s tough as nails and forms around the body for a tailored fit. It’s also breathable. It’s a good choice for warm weather riding.

6. Jacket

A lot of motorcycle crashes are caused by cars hitting riders, so it’s important to have a jacket that will keep you visible. Many jackets feature reflective material to help drivers see you.

At high speeds, riding a motorcycle is like sliding across a belt sander. Without good gear, this can scrape skin and expose muscle, bone and nerves.

Fortunately, riding jackets are designed for impact resistance with real leathers to protect riders. Plus, they look cool! Wear a jacket on every ride. You’ll thank yourself later.

7. Helmet Bag

Although a helmet is the most important piece of equipment for a motorcycle rider, other gear protects other parts of your body. If you fall off your bike, the tarmac slides along your skin like a belt sander, scraping it and potentially exposing muscle, bone, and nerves.

A helmet bag protects your helmet from scratches and dust and helps keep it in good condition. Choose a padded bag that fits your helmet snugly and closes securely with a drawstring, zipper, or chin strap. You may also want to invest in a locking mechanism that deters theft of your helmet.

8. Windshield

A windshield keeps wind, bugs, dirt and other debris out of the rider’s face. It also improves visibility and reduces eye fatigue from the sun, rain, snow, mud and other elements.

Almost every motorcycle comes with a windshield, but detachable models are popular among riders who like to swap them out depending on the type of riding they do. The best windshield is one that’s sized to fit the rider and bike, offering a perfect blend of protection and open-air experience. A properly designed windshield also makes a noticeable difference in the look of the bike.

9. Helmet Cover

The most important piece of gear for any motorcyclist is their helmet. This simple device reduces the chance of severe head injuries and death in a crash.

Choose a helmet with a face shield that will protect your eyes from bugs, dust and twigs flying through the air while you ride. Today’s motorcycle helmets also offer tinted visor options to reduce sun glare that can blind you on the road.

In a crash, your hands are the next most vulnerable body part to damage. A good pair of motorcycle gloves will protect your skin and fragile bones from the impact of your fall.

10. Gloves

The hands are a crucial part of the bike and it’s essential to have good grip. Riding for long periods without gloves can make your fingers numb and also dangerous as it may lead to you losing control.

Choosing a pair of motorcycle gloves with D3O impact protection and abrasion-resistant fabric ensures safety and comfort. You can also get gloves with a cuff length that suits your riding discipline and features such as waterproofing or insulating materials.

Aside from providing safety, the right gloves will also boost a rider’s confidence and enhance his/her appearance. Gloves are available in various colors and styles which suit different tastes and riding styles.

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